Our Services

We have great pleasure to introduce ourselves; we are very proud to be one of the distributors of Chemistry Solution such as Laboratory & Industrial Chemicals, Laboratory Equipment and Services in Sultanate of Oman.

With technical support and our competitive prices that can’t be beat, your best source for lab equipment’s and Chemicals Supply is MODAL.

MODAL is the easy one-source for all your Industrial/Laboratory Chemical, laboratory supplies and lab equipment need. We believe that services have a special meaning and that quality has no substitute.

MODAL offers the following services:

  1. Supply and Services of new Laboratory equipment such as:-
    • Cementing & Drilling Fluids Testing Equipment – by FANN Instruments, USA.
    • Chromatography such as HPLC, Gas chromatograph (GC), Ion Chromatograph.
    • Gas Chromatograph for its turnkey products for the Petroleum, Petrochemical, Natural gas and Energy market.
    • Spectroscopy; Atomic Absorption (AA), UV-VIS Spectrophotometers, FTIR.
    • Elemental analysers: Sulphur Analyser, Nitrogen & Chlorine content in petroleum.
    • Particle size analysers: laser diffraction particle analyser.
    • Auto-Titrator, KF volumetric & Coulometric Titrators by GR Scientific, UK.
    • Metal analysers; ICP-MS, ICP Optical Emission Spectrometers, XRF, and XRD.
    • Petroleum Testing Instruments: Oil Centrifuge, H2S in Crude analyser, Viscosity meters, Flash point Tester & Distillation units.
    • Oil in Water analysers and Gas Detection Tubes (H2S and CO2).
    • Range of Glassware and Plasticware from PYREX, MBL, AZLON, WEATON, KIMBLE and DURAN and QUICK FITS.
    • Lab consumable and Disposable Materials (Gloves, syringe and mask).
    • Labware such as Laboratory Balances, Industrial Scales, Medical Scales and Test Weight.
  2. All grades of Chemicals, Analytical, HLPC and Industrial Chemicals (Most of chemicals from PanReac AppliChem Spain, we have enough stock in our new warehouse at NASEEM.
    In addition, we can also provide, HACH, Fisher and Merck Chemicals).
  3. Service, Calibration and Preventative Maintenance Programs (PMP) for your present equipment and Corrective Maintenance.
  4. Supplying of Laboratory Chemist and Field Chemists
  5. LIMS – Sample Manager by Thermoscientific Fisher/NAIZAK. We offer evaluation of the products, Selection of LIMS, and Implementation in addition MODAL can also maintain your database.
  6. Laboratory Services and Analytical solution such as Scale, Oxygen, corrosion issues.
    (By coordinate with Third Party Labs). We can also provide the following Services in House and Onsite.
    • Dew Point analyser, H2S Monitoring and provide the best solution.
    • Oxygen in Fluids and Online TSS analysis.
    • Chemical Waste Management.
    • Occupational health services.
  7. Laboratory Furniture and Helping on setup new Analytical Lab & GLP (Good Laboratory Practice).
  8. Chemical Injection Skids – MODAL is working with very good reputation companies who are supplying Electrical Chemical Dose Pumps, Solar Power Pumps to meet chemical injection needs, MILTONROY, Europe and TXAMPUMP, USA.
  9. Supplying Production, Industrial and Drilling Chemicals such as Demulsifier, Anti Foaming and Drag Reducing Agent- DRA.
  10. Water treatment Chemicals such as Corrosion Inhibitors, Scale Inhibitors, Biocides, Oxygen Scavenger, H2S Scavenger
  11. New chemistry additive products to eliminate the 15 common “pain points” in crude oil production and flow stream delivery: “Fluidifier”, “Drag Reducing Agent”, “Paraffin Separator”, “Asphaltene Inhibitor”, “Demulsifier”, “Cleaning for tanks and tankers”, “Remediation of crude oil spills”, “Recuperation & Recovery from ponds/pits, “Anti-embedment”, “Bactericide”, “Corrosion Inhibitor”, “Anti-foaming”, “Sequestering”, “Performance Additive for fuel oil” and “Performance Additive for gas-oil snot”.

EXTRA New Services

  1. Repair Services
    • MODAL provides a complete service and repair package to keep your laboratory equipment running smoothly. We will specifically design Service Contracts, Maintenance Agreements or Preventive Maintenance Inspections. Our unique pricing concepts mean you only pay for what you get. For more information on repairing or overhauling a particular instrument, please contact us.
  2. Rentals Services
    • You can rent equipment from MODAL. For a trial month, to see if the instrument is suitable for your application, or longer for a special project. Each case is specialized and considered individually. Please contact us for more details.
  3. Medical Supplies and Medical Equipment
    • We are distributors of affordable Medical supplies and Medical equipment. We offer a wide variety of medical equipment, and medical supplies available.